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The Itz Allowed Concert was started in 2016 by Amazine Dj Nestle to constantly give back to our society via entertainment and breaking new grounds.

The event starts from 5pm till dawn with no moment of dulling. It will involve Rap Attack, Rap to Tha Beat, Meet and Greet, Artiste Performances, Dj Performances, Comedy and lots more.

The aim is not just to make and give entertainment but also use it as a networking venue – by meeting other artistes, Djs and so on, you get to know what you are not doing right, then improve on it and even keep a permanent contact. This event also aims on breaking new ground to attract governmental development in Alimosho.

Also, many people download songs by DJs, listen to them play at events without really knowing them, this event puts a clear cut on that, and they get to see these great finger gods and goddesses of wheels of steel on a platter of gold. Dj Nestle for instance, gets not less than 50,000 downloads on all his mixtapes.

This will also bring more value for the DJs, creating more and better connection with fans – as the saying goes “you relate better with who you have met”, there is always a natural attraction at the end.

To note, all itz allowed concert pulls not less than 800 people every time, so this is a plus for the Djs and other brands that will be involved. This year, since its open space, the target is pure Two Thousand or more.

It’s all about fun, comfort, connection and entertainment.

Other related events are:

- Itz Allowed Summer Slam
- Itz Allowed Street Jamz (December Carnival) and
- Itz Allowed Pool Party (a pre)

Call/Whatsapp: 08137381914

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